Raves: Andy Wahlberg

“Wahlberg is a born showman...with songs of humor and humanity, and a stage presence bigger than life.”

Liz Bumiller
Miami Herald

“...a breath of fresh air. Listening to him perform is a guitarists delight.”

Peter Roth
Ithaca Times

“Wahlberg’s show...(is)...guileless, spirited, nervy and infectious...(he) takes the crowd on a joyride.”

Frazier Moore
The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Andy's fantastic. His show was the perfect end to our conference”

Kathy Ellis
Robert Thomas Securities

“...there's only one way to walk out of an Andy Wahlberg show...with a smile on your face...”

Gary Fredrick
Time Warner Telecom

“...he magically transforms even the shyest listener into a foot-tapping, hand-clapping, sing-along enthusiast.”

Sharon Whitley
Paine Webber