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RAVES: Andy Wahlberg...
“Andy's fantastic. His show was the perfect end to our conference”
—Kathy Ellis/Robert Thomas Securities—

“...there's only one way to walk out of an Andy Wahlberg show...with a smile on your face...”
—Gary Fredrick/Time Warner Telecom—

“...he magically transforms even the shyest listener into a foot-tapping, hand-clapping, sing-along enthusiast.”
—Sharon Whitley/Paine Webber—

“Wahlberg is a born showman...with songs of humor and humanity, and a stage presence bigger than life.”
—Liz Bumiller / The Miami Herald—
“...a breath of fresh air. Listening to him perform is a guitarists delight.”
—Peter Roth / The Ithaca Times—
“Wahlberg’s show...(is)...guileless, spirited, nervy and infectious...(he) takes the crowd on a joyride.”
—Frazier Moore / The Atlanta Constitution—

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