Biography: Andy Wahlberg

“When Andy was a little boy he loved to perform. Some things never change..."

Andy grew up in Miami, Florida where he was first exposed to classical, pop and international music. He had his first “gig” at age five with a Calypso Latin band that performed at his mother’s restaurant in Miami every weekend. Andy played the bongos while wearing a little Ricky Ricardo suit, puffy sleeves and all.

Andy began performing at live venues in his early teens. During that time he honed his craft playing venues all over the United States. He started playing his trademark Harp Guitar which he found in a pawn shop in Los Angeles in the early ’70’s. After studying at a performing arts college for two years, he began a full time career as a performing artist, focusing on the unique sound of the Harp Guitar.

Since then, Andy’s musical career has spanned over 45 years, more than 3000 concerts and performances nationwide, 8 albums and hundreds of television and radio appearances. Andy has performed on stage with groups such as Chicago, Spyra Gyra, Firefall, Hall and Oates, Don McLean and the Spinners. He has created soundtracks and scores for numerous television, radio and movie projects. His most recent works include the soundtrack for the PBS Special Florida’s Historic Lighthouses and the motion pictures “Captiva” and “Jericho”.

Andy is married and has 2 children. He performs in concerts and clubs in the US and abroad. Andy currently resides in Southwest Florida.