AV Requirements: Andy Wahlberg

*SOUND: Purchaser will provide a professional sound system appropriate for the venue. For groups up to 100 people or so, the Andy Wahlberg Show requires:

  • 1- Powered mixer with at least 300w per side @ 4 ohms and at least 4 xlr microphone inputs.
  • 2 – PA Speakers, (one on each side of the stage) which must be horn driven with at least 12 inch woofers, and capable of handling the powered mixer output. Speakers must be either pole mounted, or elevated at least 2 feet above the stage surface.
  • 2 – Cables to connect the speakers to the mixer must be provided.
  • 1 – Mic stand, with a boom.
  • Andy will also need access to AC. (A single electrical plug next to the stage.)


Note: Most hotels and convention centers can provide a 4-channel mixer with speakers like these. This works great.

For larger groups, the sound system should be proportionately larger to meet the needs of the venue.

*LIGHTS: Andy must be well-lit. Andy’s is highly visual and must be easy-to-see to be successful. In order to assure success, Andy must be in bright lights.

Arrange for a general stage wash.

For groups over 100, Arrange for a fixed follow spot on Andy, or a pair of light tree stands with par 56 type stage lights on them.

*PLATFORM: Andy needs to perform on a raised platform. At least 10″ off the ground. For larger groups, higher is better. No smaller than 8′ x 8′, though 16′ x 8′ is preferred.

Please arrange to have the platform on the “long” wall of a rectangle-shaped room. This maximizes the good seats, and minimizes the bad seats. Avoid setting up the room “like a bowling alley” with people looking the long-way at the stage. Andy’s show is visual. We need to eliminate as many of the “bad” seats as possible.

STAIRS: Andy may bring people from your group up on stage. Please arrange to have stairs to the platform.


DANCE FLOOR: If there is a dance floor, do not put Andy on the stage “on the other side” of the dance floor. This separates Andy from the audience, and will greatly reduce the impact of Andy’s show.

*VIDEO MAGNIFICATION: For especially large groups (over 450-500 people) arrange for video magnification.