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STUDIO: Wahlberg Studios
Welcome to the home of Wahlberg Studios: a state of the art project digital recording studio and post production facility located in Naples, Florida. The music business and the technologies surrounding it are in a continuing state of flux. As a performer, writer, recording artist and engineer I work in every facet of this exciting field. It is a business that thrives on personal energy, creativity and new ideas, which is why I have chosen it as my career. In an era of specialization, it may seem that it would be better to focus on just one field within the business of music. However, I feel that my approach gives me a unique perspective, allowing me to bring a wealth of experience and freshness to every project I undertake.
Projects include..."Captiva" - original scoring and foley for this feature length motion picture starring Earnest for "Jericho" - year 2001 winner of the Marco Film Festival. "Florida's Historic Lighthouses"-original score and complete soundtrack for this half hour PBS special. Backgruond music for production of "Home and Garden TV". Winner of 28 Addy awards and the national "Golden Image Award" for advertising excellence.

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