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PLANS: Harp Guitar

(Download these images and build your own!)

(This is the original 1909 patent application for the Larsen Harp guitar from the US patent office)

The reference numeral 1. Designates the front sounding board of my improved instrument, which has the usual guitar outline except that one side thereof is the outline of a much larger instrument than the other side. Sides. 2. are secured to, and extend backwardly from the edges of the front sounding board. 1. and to them are secured a back 3. Suitably placed braces, 4. are provided to strengthen the back. 3. and other braces 5. as shown in Fig. 1. are provided for strengthening the sounding board. 1. In the sounding board 1. are sound holes 6. and 7. A bridge member, 8. is provided upon the sounding board, to which strings, 9. are attached. Two necks, 10. and 11. having tuning keys, 12. extend from the sounding board. 1. and sides 2. Extending downwardly from the under face of the sounding board 1. and within the compartment formed by the sounding board sides 2. and back 3. are shorter sides 13. to which are secured a back sounding board. 14. This construction provides a smaller chamber or guitar body of lighter construction within the larger body. The smaller chamber is much more suitable for and will respond much more readily to the vibrations of the smaller strings, but the vibration of either compartment or chamber is transmitted to the other so that the instrument is a single cooperating whole instead of two separate instruments. In order to secure the necks 10. and 11. in position so that they will not be deflected, I provide each neck with a base 16. which is glued to a side 2. A fingerboard, 18. is finally secured to the neck.

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