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WELCOME: Meet Andy Wahlberg...
Hi...I'm Andy Wahlberg, and I sing and play the Harp-Guitar in a high energy one man show I call The Andy Wahlberg Show! (I also play harmonica, stomp my foot, and play a pretty mean imitation trombone...) It's a fun, interactive comedy and music act that can be presented to any age group in a variety of venues.

I have designed this site to answer any questions you may have about what it is that I do, and to present excerpts from some of my live performances. Simply use the tabs at the top of each page to navigate your way around. Enjoy this site, and check back often, as I update regularly. Just drop me a line for any additional information you might need.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay.

Here are some answers to the questions I am most often asked about myself:

I am originally from Miami, Florida, and I started performing at age 5. My first gig was with a Calypso Latin band that played at my mother's restaurant in Miami every weekend. My instrument was the bongos, and I wore a little Ricky Ricardo suit, puffy sleeves and all. I became a full time professional performer at age 19, after completing two years of study at a college of the performing arts in Miami.

Since then I have performed thousands of shows throughout the world, and have made numerous appearances on television and radio. I have released four CD's, the most recent one being "Please Play Me" in July of 2010, which is a recording of Harp Guitar instrumentals of songs by The Beatles.

I will travel anywhere, I am easy to work with, and being a one man show I have minimal A/V requirements.

My comedy and music show consists of novelty songs, song parodies, sing alongs (often silly), and can be adapted to any age group or taste range, all in a super energized and highly interactive environment. I am six foot seven, I play a very unusual eighty year old harp-guitar, and I exploit these features to the fullest, making my show HIGHLY visual. In addition to my comedy music show, I am also a serious musician, classically trained, with a bent on jazz, traditional and blues music. But the focus of my show is and always has been "ENTERTAIN, AND MAKE IT FUN!".

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